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4 tips for Cruising with your kids

Cruising with your kids can be a great experience but for some ppl it can be so stressful so I wanted to share 4 TIPS with you in hopes of relieving some of worries.

1)Arrive at least one day before you set sail.I’ve been on more cruises than I can count and i still fly in a day early. Being an yearly cruiser i am a living witness that YOU WILL GET LEFT!!! The boat waits on nobody. I can't even imagine the stress of flying on the same day that my family's cruise departs. I would worry nonstop about a flight delay, luggage , waking up too late, somebody left something home or even worse missing our flight. Plus its like 2 vacations in 1 , they get to explore the city were cruising out of the full day before sailing to the caribbean or the bahamas. I call it a win win.

2) Get a conjoining room or family suite As much as you will be enjoying seeing your kids smile and have fun onboard you must remember this is a vacation for you and your spouse. Most ships like hotels have conjoining rooms or even family bedroom suites. This allow you to have privacy when needed and enjoy your alone time without being interrupted.

3) Utilize the kids camps and programs .The cruise industry really cater to the whole family experience thats why they have free kids clubs for children under 12 as well as teens. You can also pay a small fee for babysitting services for small children. Just like us adults that make friends on vacation the kids get a chance to make friends as well. Most clubs are by age and they have their own parties onboard as well. The best part is your kids will have the option to wait until you pick them up so that they are not wondering unattended onboard the ship unattended while your enjoying yourself.

4)Make yourself a checklist in advance If your anything like me i like to have myself an checklist to make sure I dont forget anything. The list can consist of what to pack , what documents to print and have handy, who will be rooming together (if you have a group) and What medication and specials needs to gather for each person.

Hopefully This tips will ease some of that last minute stress to ensure you have a worry free vacation that becomes a family tradition. Travel is more than a vacation its a lifestyle that you can share with your children!


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