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Heyy 👋 it's all about BAECATIONS!

I want to share with you my top 4 Benefits of cruising with my BAE 🚢❤👫

#1 making memories and experiences TOGETHER👇 A couple that travel together stay together! My husband and I took our 1st cruise together over 6 years ago and we got completely hooked. We both had never taken a cruise before it was exciting to experience this adventure together. The cabin was cozy , and private, completely different from what I imagined. It was so romantic to me because I was in the middle of the ocean with the love of my life, phones cut off and watching the waves out our oceanview cabin window. I mean I really can't describe the feeling but I will say it was amazing.

#2 save money👇

1 of the many benefits of cruising is it's an all INCLUSIVE vacation. Because the food, entertainment and cabin was included in 1 price we really didn't spend a lot of money. I'd say the most we spent on was buying drinks but we found a way around that by just purchasing our drinks on the islands we visited😊. Now days the cruiseline have made it more affordable for ppl to purchase drinks onboard by offering unlimited drink packages for 1 low price. It make it very easy to budget while on vacation when you don't have to purchase things everyday on the ship because it's all included. All fun on 1 ship (comedy club, night club, food, casino, spa, )

#3 explore more destinations in 1 trip👇 We turned a 4 Day Bahamas cruise into a 7 Day vacation. Because the cruises port out of popular destinations like Florida (where we ported from) we were able to arrive a few days earlier to explore and have fun before our cruise. We both had never been to Florida so we took tours and excursions before even stepping on the cruise boat. Once we were on the boat our sailing had two islands we visited so that was an even better experience. So the benefit was that we got to explore 3 different land destinations and 1 cruise boat all in 1 vacation. #WINNING😊

#4 Time alone to strengthen our relationship👇 Any time I get to spend alone with my husband is very important to me. I always say cruising time with my hubby means "I get to be the baby lol". It's a good feeling to wake up and order room service or go to breakfast without having to get my children together . Or to be able to come and go as we please even if it's only for a few days. As much as I love and cater to them "Mommy & Daddy need time alone". We take this time to recharge and appreciate each other with no distractions and cruising together provides just that!

If you always though of taking a cruise with your bae I encourage you to DO IT😊 I just wanted to share a few benefits & reasons why I love it. From that love I've been able to help over 300 other couples set sail with their bae❤

You can contact me if you would like me to create a custom cruise for you and your bae or you can join 1 of our group cruises on our website!

Travel is more than a vacation it's a lifestyle -

Monae Stewart - Clasberry

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