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Hi! My name is Monae Clasberry and my passion is TRAVEL.

I'm a mom of 3 and A wife to my amazing husband whom i been in a relationship with for 21 years and married for 15 years. My love for travel began when i took my 1st vacation 22 years ago and i've been on the go every since. Although I've been a travel professional for a little over 3 years I was already an Entrepreneur working from home running my custom creations and event planning business while taking care of my young daughter.

I was introduced to the travel industry by a good friend and loved the business model so I decided to give it a try. Since then my husband and I have taken over 45 vacations together & ive serviced over 710 clients traveling all over the world.

The Classy Way Travel was Established in  2014 . We make it easy to have your travel dreams come true with expert planning and the best resources in the world! We believe travel is more than a vacation its a lifestyle therefore we handle all forms of travel for all types of travelers. Preparing a getaway small and quaint or lavish and extravagant we are more than equipt to assist you. No one was born just to pay bills and die and it is our job to show you how to live in a world where many people are just "existing" and not truly "living". 

We specialize in Group Travel, Cruise Travel, Couples getaways and All-Inclusive Vacation Packages. Whether you want to plan your Family Reunion, Class Reunion, enjoy a Ladies Getaway, spend time with your best guy friends, or spend some time away with your family, we have you covered. We can even book your shore excursions to add to the excitement for your time away. There really are no limits in travel. You can relax or you can take in as much adventure as your heart can stand. No matter what, it will be an experience you will always remember.

 We look forward to helping you turn your dream destinations into a REALITY!




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